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'wibbly wobbly stuff' *

Here are some things I've been upto:

housework yesterday (I think my mind must be turning: I cleaned the oven!)

dentist today, for a consultation which revealed that it is going to require a lot of money to make my teeth happy. I need nine fillings! Maybe I should eat less sugary rubbish until I get those done... oh the torture of not eating sugary goodnesses!

my rabbit is sitting on my bed, looking very cute and cleaning his nose!

I borrowed a knitting book from the library with the most beautiful projects in it!

I'm reading Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, in which the Master is a man devoted to truth and the only one able to resist the devil's trickery. So, not a bit like the Master in Doctor Who!

I've added some cute new things to my tumblr: my tumblr

I finally finished reading CS Lewis' diary on Sunday night. It took a while, but it was interesting reading. If it hadn't been there's no way I would have spent all those hours on it!

I really do have an excessive amount of library books out - over 30! And I don't want to return any of them!


*I just love the sound of that phrase! I was going to make the subject of this post 'bits and bobs', but then 'wibbly wobbly stuff' reminded me of its wonderful qualities and I couldn't resist. Where would we be without the Doctor eh?
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