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not much happening

I have been

- Christmas shopping
- drinking coffee
- drinking tea
- buying HP album stickers (but not the album), and there are some very cool ones
- admiring Malfoy's sneer
- admiring Ron's horrified faces
- remembering how fantastic the HP ex was, esp Snape and McG's costumes, and Hagrid's hut.
- wanting to knit leg warmers (even though it's summer here)
- writing a bit
- not studying for my summer subject
- disliking the computer keyboard I am currently using
- sadly returning library books
- having the pleasure of borrowing more library books
- talking to people!
- having fun at work because the EFTPOS terminals were down and it made things interesting!

And that is the end of my cheaterly update!
Tags: harry potter, hp, what i've been doing
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