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the growth of a short story...

Draft one: on paper, about a third of the necessary length. Then I got stuck, so began to type it up, which resulted in

Draft two: got to nearly 2000 words, which I posted online for my classmates to read and comment on (most of their comments were rubbish, but there were some I found helpful. Pet hate with comments - 'I don't understand this reference' - clearly, dear, you need to read more!

Draft three: scrawling over the printed draft two.

Draft four: eight handwritten pages of short story, neatening, extending and correcting draft three.

I am about to embark on draft five, which is typing up draft four whilst improving the style and neglecting to put in the content that looks stupid.

Then I will print that and make sure it all makes sense and sounds okay, and proofread it. Then I will fix the mistakes on the computer and print the final edit, which is still draft five, really, and add the coversheet, post the story to my uni and hope for a High Distinction!
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