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gosh, it's been a while...

So, I'm going to cheat and steal this idea from somebody somewhere on tumblr...

Q&A Monday

1. If you were in a pageant and had to perform a talent, what would it be?
Singing. Or I might recite a moving poem.

2. What is your biggest beauty-related regret?
The blonde streaks I had put in my hair once - all the extra knots were very annoying!

3. Do you have a celebrity look-alike?
I don't think so...

4. What is your natural hair color?
Dark brown.
5. Ever met a celebrity?
Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson on Stargate: SG1. I have his autograph in one of my journals.

6. Fave/least fave housewife from any of the Real Housewives shows on BRAVO?
oh please...

7. Workout regimen?
A walk with a pretty view and some daydreaming mixed, and the scantiest of stretching sessions afterward if I feel so inclined.

8. Dream gift?
Books! And chocolate! And a pair of woollen socks* - proper socks, not the rubbish from a department store that wears out in two weeks!

9. Are you a good/bad cook?
When forced to, I can produce yummy things in the kitchen.

10. What is your favorite food?
Chocolate, coffee, anything that Harry gets to eat at Hogwarts.

* you should be aware that this is a reference to one exceedingly clever wizard!
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