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It has been a long time since I've updated my livejournal blog. so here I am!

I have been working on my masters thesis with alternating eagerness and disinclination. I edited my eldest sister's doctoral thesis on Bonhoeffer and found that enjoyable if tiring, so I am finding out about doing more such work. I am fed up with applying for jobs I don't want, esp in cafes, supermarkets and the like. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Writing for heaven's sake - I should use it!

I am moving back to Geelong next weekend. So yesterday I had a garage sale and manged to weed out about a fifteenth of my books for it - most of them did not sell, however, so I will send them to the op shop. I still have an overwhelming amount of books left! So never fear, I will not run out of reading material for a decade! Especially the way I go borrowing more from libraries and buying them from op shops!

I am rather glad I am making another change. I don't like things to be always the same. Though, I must say, I find it hard to make changes to my personality. I think there isn't much point to that anymore. I don't want a full time job because I simply can't work that hard, I can't be sitting down all day or standing up all day. I would like to do editing at home because then at least I can stop for breaks when I need to and not feel like I have to obedient to somebody else. What I've really liked about volunteering at the op shop is that we get a nice long tea break and we're free to work at our own pace - sometimes I am quick, especially when there are a lot of books to clean and price, but other times I don't have much energy and I can just take my time. And I can leave early if I'm finished early. In paid jobs you have to stay there being bored which is just ridiculous if you ask me.

So yes, I will soon be in Geelong, editing doctoral theses from my bedroom and reading novels and trying to do more work on my masters thesis until I finish that and start a doctoral thesis of my own! Probably the best plan I've had in a long time! Because it doesn't involve doing too much at once!



Oct. 21st, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Lovely to hear from you. I have a pile of books sitting in my foyer I will probably never get around to reading! :)

Best of luck in searching for jobs or volunteer opportunities or whatever your destiny puts in your path.


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