The Figure of Words

a study in Mina

My lovely Immy friend Dragon wrote this:
"This is for "Sirius' long lost cousin and Bellatrix's denounced daughter"

Black Secrets

It all happened so long ago
Something the Blacks never did know.
Just one night
with a Muggle (that's right!)
and poor Bellatrix had sunk so low.

So for the months, she did hide
and in a kind woman, did confide.
She couldn't keep it!
She didn't want it!
There was only one thing to decide.

So the woman took away the girl-child,
the bundle Bella had thought so defiled.
She grew apart
from the Black heart
and into a young lady mild.

But now the truth must be said
for the last of that line is dead
(Let's not dwell,
we know he fell)
So now I must tell you instead.

Dearest, I will now take you back
through the tree of your bloodline track.
It's time it was out,
so let us all shout.
For your name is Lumina Black!

~Dragon "

For more limerick poetry, go to the limerick thread in the poetry forum on www.immeritus.org, the best website the internet has to offer! I heart Immy!

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I just have to say, I love what books can do for a person! I heart books!

~ 'sapere aude' is the Latin for 'dare to be wise'
~ 'scribere est agere' is the Latin for 'to write is to act'